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Boudoir Photo Shoot – Top Tips for posing when standing to instantly enhance your shape

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Thinking about a boudoir photography session?

I know the worry can creep in around how you’re going to pose for your photographs and rest assured your boudoir photographer will definitely have you covered on this front!


However, I know for peace of mind it can be really relieving to know before the shoot ways you can help enhance your figure and look amazing.


Here are my top tips for posing your body when standing to instantly enhance your shape.


1, Always Find the tip of your toe on one foot.


Standing with one foot flat and the other on tip toe is the quickest way to create a gorgeous slimming and defining ‘S‘ Shape. It’s also a great way to remember to stand up with a beautiful posture and also helps you to balance and feel comfortable.


2, Kick a hip


Really accentuate your curves or if you are more of a rectangular body shape you can even create some by simply emphasising kicking your hip to the side.  Now rule of thumb is whatever is nearest the camera is biggest so if you’re super conscious of this area kick your hip away from the camera, if you’re working that booty and want to really celebrate those womanly curves then hips toward camera for the win!


3, Your arms create the mystique.


Don’t let them hang thoughtlessly, think about where you can place your arms and hands to emphasise the feel of the shot. For example, if you’re going for feminine and girly then let an arm mould into the shape of your body and have the other playing with your bra strap, or if you are looking for sensual and alluring then use one hand and gently find your mouth while letting the other embrace around your body.


I’d love to hear all your boudoir plans, contact me today to book your complimentary consultation where we can discuss exactly what you want from your Secret Boudoir Shoot. 

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