Boudoir By Night - How to discover your most uninhibited self with a boudoir shoot

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From working with brilliant women of all shapes and sizes one of the most commonly shared fears I have seen is the fear of “enough”

Of being enough 

Of not being enough

Good enough, sexy enough, pretty enough, thin enough, curvy enough,

Am I good enough? What if my body isn’t good enough? How am I going to look I’m not curvy enough?

And so on and on and on.

I know I’ve been guilty of having these exact same thoughts, I know the power of this inner monologue on hindering and stealing your life from you.

Keeping you from having the adventures, from playing and laughing and living carelessly. Stopping you from being free, free of fear of enough and free of living with secret shame.


I have made it my mission to embolden women to live audaciously and rediscover their most powerful, uninhibited selves.


A boudoir shoot is the perfect place to start, evolve or grow your own journey of self-discovery, let me explain how:


1, Use your boudoir shoot to step outside your comfort zone

 Maybe for you the thought of taking of your clothes and having an intimate photo shoot is way out of the norm, maybe you feel quite comfortable in your Calvin Klein’s and wish you had chance to wear more girly or sophisticated lingerie, maybe you simply can’t remember the last time you did something just for you and having a boudoir shoot to help you look and feel amazing is just what you want to reignite your spark.


2, Boudoir photographs help you to see yourself differently

We are all great at giving thoughtful compliments to anyone we deem worthy yet deflecting off any that come our way. The experience of a boudoir shoot is something that is difficult to translate into words. It is feelings, an emotional crescendo that liberates you from anxiety or fear to euphoria, being on top of the world and powerfully in control. Viewing your photos is as liberating as the shoot itself. Not only are you looking for the things you know you can’t stand to see (which you will NEVER see in photographs I take of you) you are opened up to the characteristics the traits and the little distinctions that everyone else comments on and loves about you. Maybe your friends are always saying they would love your hips or people are always commenting on how luscious your lips are. We highlight these unique distinctions and help you see them in a different light. A loving light. The body image you discover during your shoot will help shape the way you look at yourself for the rest of your life.


3, Boudoir photography is a chance for you to celebrate yourself.

 Without any reason, excuse, validation or judgement. Just because you are you and you are amazing. You are completely free to be you however you want that version of you to be. How often can you truly say that happens in your life? That level of complete safety and freedom all in one place? Once you have felt it is intoxicating and addictive and you will want to replicate it.

Feeling like now is the time to take your step towards complete freedom and self-love?

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