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As a photographer of women, I have become attuned to reading with ease a woman’s emotion, feelings and thoughts from simply her body positioning. Part of the craft of posing women to create an engaging and captivating image relies upon strong use of communicational body language.

Being an entrepreneur and a woman in business we all know networking events become a common part of our weekly calendar. Let me take away some of the stress and difficulty which can present itself in a networking environment by giving you some of my industry expert body language tips:


It is important you appear approachable, friendly and professional in a business environment, try these behaviours to be at your most captivating:

·      Smiling

·      Having an expressive face

·      Keep hands below chin level (above can appear aggressive)

·      Minimal arm crossing

·      Keeping hands outside of pockets

·      Triple head nods to show interest

·      Leaning slightly towards the other person

·      Subtle mirroring


·      First check your own shoulders, pull them down and relax, then check the shoulders of the person you’re talking with and help them relax by asking questions. You will both benefit more if you are comfortable when talking.

·      If someone’s arms are crossed they are less open to conversation and ideas. Handing them a conversation piece or business card forces them to change their posture.

·      Mirroring is where you copy someone’s body language, for example matching a hand or arm position. If carried out in a subtle way you may find they feel an affinity with you for a reason they aren’t quite sure of.

·      Hands above your waist keeps the conversation positive, it has an uplifting effect. Hands down your sides can show disinterest.

·      Note whether the other person is leaning slightly towards or away from you, a lean towards shows interest and a lean away disinterest.

·      If you notice two or three people stood in close quarters then wait until an opening in their “group” forms, they may be discussing something delicate and do not want disturbing. Likewise, if you notice a person on their own, go over and introduce yourself in a friendly manner, nobody wants to be the only one stood alone.