3 Surprising facts about the FYRE festival you won't believe...

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What you NEED to learn from the FYRE festival to make a successful blogging business in 2019?

You have most likely heard the story, if not where have you been? Netflix have now made a film about the most amazing festival in the world that never happened!

FYRE Festival was billed as an exclusive, “once-in-a-lifetime” experience held over two weekends in the Bahamas. Organisers promised major musical acts, like Disclosure, Major Lazer and Blink 182, would be performing.

They also hired the likes of models Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid to post photos on their Instagram accounts and tout the event, which included world-class catering, private cabanas, chartered flights from Miami and hanging out with supermodels and celebrities. and as you can imagine tickets weren’t cheap!

The brand damage is extensive. Those who didn’t know about the debut event likely read about it in news reports which described it as a “fiasco” or compared it to The Hunger Games. And apologies alone can’t undo the trust broken by festival planners.

So what can YOU as a blogger and influencer, learn from the festival that was brought to its knees by a picture of a cheese sandwich?

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  1. Brands take YEARS of hard work and focus to build… and MOMENTS to destroy!

    The cheese sandwich says it all.

    If you build strong foundations for your brand of strong values and ethics do not for LOVE NOR MONEY trade them in for a quick ££$$$.

    Your integrity as a blogger in business is ALL you have.

    Top tip - If you feel like something is out of whack with a product, business or promo you are being asked / paid to collab with DON’T DO IT.

    Stick to your gut feeling, do your research and don’t give ANYONE a chance to sink your blog brand ship when you have worked so hard to get to where you are.

  2. Deliver on what you promise.

    If you are running giveaways on your blog or blog page competitions make sure you have followed the tips from #1 - do your research!

    Check to make sure the brand / company / person you are partnering with CAN deliver on what they have promised.

    You may be standing as a third party promoting it but your audience TRUST you.

    That is very easily and quickly lost if you get caught in the cross fire of a brand that simply doesn’t care about you burning through your tribe.

    Similarly - if you are providing products / services / whatever for your tribe - DELIVER on your promise of the experience of them.

    Your brand is build on an experience, an emotion your tribe connects with you.

    This is a great reminder to make sure you are being consistent and delivering that experience every time you show up.

  3. The POWER of Influencer marketing is LIMITLESS

    You, as an audience builder, are creating for yourself a hugely powerful tool.

    Now the concept of influencer marketing is not at all new, think back to any period in time, people have always been used to front campaigns to influence the decisions of others.

    The difference now for influencer marketing in 2019 is that we have got a HUGE, easy and super quick way of getting in front of those we wish to influence, Social Media and the internet.

    Although it may be tempting to buy social media followers or create an illusion of high blog subscriber numbers, these vanity metrics are NOT the key to a successful blogging business.

    Top tip - concentrate on connecting with the RIGHT targeted audience ALL of the time, create an experience and a brand just for them and watch as they flock over to adore and surround themselves in your world.

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