The truth about blogging as a profession that will blow your mind!

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Everything you ever wanted to know about blog ideas that make money and how to turn your blog into a business.

Maybe you want to know exactly what it means to be a professional blogger and all the juicy details that come with it, how much money you can make from a blog and how bloggers actually get paid?  

So in this article i’m going to cut through the noise and give you everything you want!

These are all questions I am regularly seeing come up in my communities for bloggers so first let’s jump in and get clear on some key terms:

What is a blog?

A blog, by definition is...

(a truncation of the expression "weblog")[1] is a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries (posts). - (source

A blog, in simple terms is Information published on a website often informally laid out.

what is a blogger and how can i blog as a profession?

If you are wondering what is blogging? Then it can be summarised that blogging is adding information to a blog.

What is a professional blogger?

The definition of a professional blogger or full time blogger, really means someone who is creating an income from their blogging activities.

What does a professional blogger do?

A professional blogger makes money directly from services, products and other income generating activities on their blog.

Someone making a full time income from their blog will be producing blog articles, resources and publications around a topic which they have built a strong engaged audience who regularly visit their blog site, social media etc to get the answers to their problems.

How can you start your own blog?

Simply put, you can start your own blog really easily! Here are some top tips for starting a blog.

  1. Choose a topic that you feel you have an unique experience around and you know other people are actively struggling with and create some awesome helpful content around it.

    Spider diagram some sub topics and areas to focus your first few weeks and months on, around what you see the people who are struggling are wanting answered.

  2. Choose a blog platform, like blogger, medium, facebook or instagram if you don’t want to have your own site.

    If you do want your own site its super quick and easy to get started on any of the big name website builders such as squarespace or Wix or if you have more experience in creating sites you can head straight over to wordpress.

  3. Write a load of super helpful content, do you research regards to what your ideal reader wants to know and get it out there in front of them!

That really is the fundamental steps of starting a new blog from scratch. Anyone can do it, the starting is the easy part!

If you are thinking about blogging as a career here are 15 top tips to starting a blog you have to know...

15 things to know before you start your own blog and commit to choosing blogging as your career:

  1. Blogging requires discipline. Like any business, blogging requires perseverance and discipline. If you think you can half heartedly start a blog that millions are going to follow over night you need to get in touch with reality! The best, most successful blogs come from hard work, discipline and perseverance.

  2. There is no secret formula to a successful money making blog business. Always looking for a quick fix? There isn’t one!

  3. Consistency for the win! Have trouble sticking to things and keeping up momentum? Consistency is KEY for success in any area.

  4. Learn about SEO and understand your prime objects for your blog business

  5. Don’t try to maneuver around growing a real, engaged following of ideal readers! Buying followers and quick fix growth schemes are never a good idea.

  6. Your blog is a business! The sooner you own it as one the sooner you can get serious about making money!

  7. Blogging is not rocket science, its passion and focus combined!

  8. Blogs exist for one reason - to help someone else!

  9. The sooner you step forward and own your story the quicker your blog will grow.

  10. You can’t hide behind your pen, being a blogger means having strong opinions and clear cut values.

  11. Blogging is all about relationship building. Supporting other bloggers with similar ideal readers is crucial to blog growth.

  12. Don’t try and be everything to everyone. Be THE answer for one person. Rather than just another answer for the masses.

  13. Take your images, visuals, video as seriously as you do your written content and you will grow quicker

  14. Don’t say YES to every opportunity - be selective and aligned with your ideal reader at all times!

  15. Get to know your reader! The better you know them the better you can serve them

How can I build a successful blog and make money from it?

It’s all well and good starting a blog, writing about something you love and are passionate about. Some bloggers treat their blogs as a hobby and as such aren’t really looking for the monetisation methods that blogger who are hoping their blog will replace their full time income.

So how DO you start a blog AND get paid for it? Can i really make a living by starting an online blog business?


A blog is a business - you heard me say this earlier and it is a super important piece of information because it is the mindset in which you approach your blog that is going to dictate your success.

If you view your blog as a hobby, then that’s what it will be.

If you look at your blog as if it will never make money, then i’m afraid to tell you it probably won’t!

If you decide your blog is only going to make a few ££$$ from the odd affiliate link click or random sponsored post opportunity then again that is what will happen!

I’m sure you will agree that if you are wanting your blog to be a profitable business then you are ready to take it seriously, and seriously means getting to grips with your expectations and ambitions for your blog business.

A successful blog is the same as ANY successful business, success in business terms, means helping the most people who are happy to then pay you for your solution to their problem.

It’s all about being profitable and sustainable and nurturing a thrilled tribe.

It’s really important to me that as many people as possible realise ALL the avenues you can utilise to make money blogging so below I have created some handy strategies to help you get started:

7 ways to help you develop a profitable blog business (even if you are a beginner!)

  1. Affiliate marketing & Affiliate programs for bloggers

  2. Sponsored posts

  3. Brand partnerships and ambassador

  4. Services

  5. Products

  6. Online offerings

  7. Directories

We know a blog is a business.

And that means like any business, the key to success is to be prepared and do the foundational work that will set you up for the future.

Getting to know what you and your blog are about and who it is you are here to help is crucial for turning a great blog into a profitable business.

Whether you are a lifestyle blogger, fashion blogger, maybe you have a travel or parenting blog the same rules apply!

blogger photographer Jade Hicks photography for blog shoot

Here are 8 steps you MUST take to turn ANY blog into a money making business:

1 - Blog business plan - having a blog business plan is a crucial step in success from your blog! Your business plan will set out what your blog business is all about and where you want to go. It will give you the focus around income plans and your mission as a blog business.

2 - Strong Foundations - Knowing what you stand for, what your unique personality is, the experience and promise you are offering your readers and customers as well as the way in which you want to serve them.

3 - Know your blog audience - This is THE MOST important step to success for your blog. Really get to know who your readers are and why you are suited to help solve their problems, get to know what they want to sort out so much they are happily willing to pay for the solution to that particular problem and learn how they speak and view it.

4 - Get clear on Goals for your blog - Setting down goals is a huge factor for making money. Have a think about what you want to achieve in 1 month, 6 months and 12 months and see if you are able to write down exactly what your long term plan for your blog business is.

5 - Strategy and action - from knowing your audience, how you are going to serve them and the goals you are looking to achieve you can easily work out the best strategy to get you there. Knowing where your audience hangs out, how and why is crucial information for you to be able to take action to present them their solution in the most acceptable way.

6 - Get specific - it’s not about Niching down to lifestyle or fashion travel or parenting - it’s about KNOWING your readers and knowing how YOU relate to them. Which parts of your story are going to help them, inspire them and allow them to connect more deeply with you? Get specific over your audience and all the ways you have that you can connect with them.

7 - Be authentic - dont try to make yourself fit into a space that doesn’t work for you. Be true to who you are, get to know who you are talking to and mould those pieces together. It’s really hard to try and be someone you are not consistently. It’s much easier to own your cookies and show up as yourself each and every day.

8 - Show up - all of this above is a huge waste of time if you don’t tell anyone you exist. It’s time to step to the front, own your blog as a business and spread your message to those who need to hear it. Consistently!

Knowing the fundamentals to creating a long term blog business is a step that sadly, I see

time and time again has been missed.

So many bloggers I work with haven’t given thought to the business side of their blog until much later down the line.

This means there usually has been a lot of frustration and stress incurred as a result!

Not attracting the amount of new blog followers and subscribers, feeling like you are on every social media platform and still not getting eyes on your content and simply not getting the traffic you so badly want are all symptoms of not having the clarity you need for a success blog business.

I promise the time and effort you take to get clear on what your blog business is all about is going to be absolutely worth it.

The final part of this article is all around the blog ideas that make money!

I’m not going to get heavy on niching here - my take is that a niche, as I explained above, just means the specific audience you are talking to, and FYI you have several audiences in your blog business.

There are loads of options for blog topics that you can monetise, here are some of the most popular and high demand and topic areas:

  1. Entertainment - Love movies? TV? Maybe you are a huge music fan? This is a really highly searched area of topic because who isnt always googling the next episode for their favourite show right?

  2. Fitness - Maybe you have been on a journey with your health and fitness and you’ve found a sport, hobby or exercise regime that has done wonders for you, or maybe you are the queen of squats so want to share your kick ass routine with everyone! There are unlimited options here on how to make the fitness area of expertise work for you and your blog business.

  3. Education - Again a hugely broad topic. Maybe you are a teacher and you want to help educate other teachers on how to handle a specific type of student in the classroom, maybe you are a home ed family and want to help others get to grips with learning at home.

  4. Technology - are you obsessed with gadgets? Maybe something specific like sound equipment, lighting this again is a hugly broad topic for you to blog about something you really love and are passionate about helping others understand.

  5. Health and wellness - sharing your own personal story is always a winning idea for a killer health and wellness blog. People love to understand that something has actually worked for a real life person so this could be your chance to share what you have been through.

I always see questions around blog topics that make the most money, and I genuinely think this is really down to the strategy behind monetisation of specific blogs in general.

For example, if you want to make a really profitable quick business then choosing a topic that is highly trending and searched for makes a great way to grow a following and quickly!

E.g writing about the Kardashians - if you write quality content maybe a beauty blog on how to replicate specific looks you are going to have an actively searching audience ready to click on your content! - You could easily monetise a business like this by offering makeup 1-2-1 lessons virtually over the internet, or by offering personal makeup shopping virtually.

So in terms of how much money you can make from a blog, really how much money do you WANT to make from your blog?

I was asked recently how can I make my first million by blogging?

Well, let’s work it out!

If you sell your offering at £5 - sell 200,000 of them

If you sell your offering at £50 - sell 20,000 of them

If you sell your offering at £500 - sell 2,000 of them

If you sell your offering at £5000 - sell 200 of them.

Work out your offering, work out how much you want to earn, set your price point and go get them sold!

It’s perfectly possible to make £1,000,000 in your blogging business in a year or less! You just have to get clear on your strategy, how are you going to bring income into your blog business?

the business of blogging

Blogging as a professional is a long term path, that comes with long term goals and a bigger picture outlook. Make today the day you choose to get clear on what you want from your blog business and reach for the stars!