Branding for bloggers - The one thing you’ve not been getting right, and why you need to fix it!

branding for blogs

What is it that stands out about your brand? Do you even HAVE a brand for your blog?

Your brand is the voice of your personality.

It’s the best bits of you, the way you communicate with the world what you’re all about. It’s where your passion, your excitement and the fizzy magic that makes you, YOU, really shine through!

Now you probably already have an idea about what that means visually. Your brand is not just your logo, but that’s the starting point for building an identity which is going to connect with people.

After a logo, you’ve probably already thought about what sort of colours you’re going to be using. What sort of visuals. How you can use everything, from your website to your social posts to build a real strong sense of your identity.  

This is the point where lots of bloggers get it wrong! Because, newsflash – this is NOT ONLY what your blogging brand is all about! It is so much more than this.


All the feels

You probably have an idea for the FEELINGS you want to create in your target audience. If you’ve done your homework, you should have an idea of your perfect reader, the person you KNOW will love your content.

By building up a picture of this person, you can understand what is going to excite them, and what’s going to entice them to get to know you and your blog.

The EMOTIONS your brand evokes are a huge part of your branding, but guess what?

Thats still not all branding is about either! 

 If you really want to supercharge your blog and take it to the next level,

you’ve got to have a branding STRATEGY.

This is the missing piece of the puzzle for lots of bloggers, and I work with lots of my clients on helping them to get to grips with it.


The branding strategy process

When I work through a branding process with a client, we spend a lot of time on building their brand strategy. It’s so important to be clear not just about who you are, what that looks like and who your audience is, but to look to the future too.


·      Where are you going?

·      Who do you want to be working with?

·      What does that look like?

·      How will you get there?


Build your brand strategy

If you haven’t spent time doing this yet, you are totally missing a trick. Want to supercharge your interaction on your blog? Boost your blog traffic?

Build meaningful connections with brands you want to work with, and your audience? You need to be clear on your blog brand strategy.

I help lots of people through this, and it’s about getting to know you as a person. You need to dive deep into every facet of yourself to understand where you deliver VALUE for your audience.

So think about how you like to communicate with people. What kind of impact do you have on people? What kind of impact do you WANT to have?!  

You also need to think about why you started blogging in the first place. Think about what drives you, and what about your blog it is that motivates you and keeps you focussed and moving forwards.

So maybe you started out your blog as a hobby, but you realise that because you’re so passionate about the content you talk about, people are attracted to that.

This is what is already setting you apart from other bloggers. When building your brand strategy, we’d think about how you can channel this passion and create a vision for the future.

Perhaps work on focussing that passion, so you can build a rep in a specific area, and become a well-known voice in that arena.

If you’re hoping to build your blog into a business, the strategic work you need to do will include drilling down into exactly which brands you are likely to resonate with.

Once you understand your own offering, how this fits in with your existing audience, you can start to make a plan on how you will target and WIN business from the right brands, at the right time.

Find the sweet spot

So – you’ve done the work, you’ve got a plan, now you’ve got to put it into ACTION!

There’s a sweet spot in all of this, the point somewhere in between where you already are, where you want to be, and what your readers expect from you.

This is the balance point, where if your branding strategy is right then you will start to see real and meaningful change in the results you are getting.

Get your branding right and you’ll see your engagement go through the roof!

It doesn’t matter whether your blog is about fashion, or lifestyle, or family or travel – we are all visual people, and the combination of how your blog looks, what that makes people FEEL, and what that means for them are what is going to attract and keep them coming back for more.


Sharpen your tools!

You have a unique personality to offer through your blog. There is literally NO-ONE doing the exact same thing as you, so finding a way to make the most of that with a sparkling brand is key to unlocking major success.

The visual elements of your brand like your assets, and your imagery are the tools you have to put your branding strategy into action. And like any tools, you do have to keep sharpening them!

Keep on coming back; assess, measure and test that your visual assets are truly representing the best of your personality, and reaching out to those people you want to communicate with.

 As a blogger, ultimately your brand will be built on your unique personality. It’s up to you to make sure that you are shining as bright as you can, and showing the world who you really are.

This is the only way to step up, shine on and truly STAND OUT! 

If you’re interested in finding out more on how to supercharge your blog brand, get in touch with me today!