Be the best version of you


"You have all you need within YOU to become the best version of yourself." - Mastin Kipp

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We are all a work in progress but that doesn't mean the person you are today isn't good enough! Women who are happy and successful get there by EMBRACING THEIR MOST AUTHENTIC SELVES - Imperfections and all.


Here are some tips to help you be the best version of you each day...


1 - Stop negative self-talk

As soon as you see it coming!


2- Listen to your body

Take time to feel what your body needs – Trust your instincts.


3- Embrace and Celebrate imperfections

Unrealistic expectations hold you back from accepting yourself for who you are RIGHT NOW. Being imperfect makes you human.


4 – Keep the company who lifts you highest!

Surround yourself with POSITIVITY, a supportive network of friends and family is the quickest way to lift you up!


5 – FAIL

Always push yourself to be the best you can be, however this will come with an element of disappointed, learn from your challenges and grow stronger with resilience to move past them.


6 – Know how to say NO!

Your time is precious so why waste it?


7 – Challenge yourself to learn something new every day

developing your mind makes you and your life more interesting.


8 - Don’t live in your comfort Zone!

Face your fears, take on challenges and create new opportunities for you to reach achievements you could never have imagined.


9 -Grow and Change

In life change is a constant, go with the unexpected and embrace it as a chance to learn and welcome new possibilities.


10 – Forgive yourself!

Whether you splurged on some new accessories, got cross in a heated situation or failed to go to the gym last week self-forgiveness will keep you moving forward.