#5 things you need to know for awesome brand partnerships

#5 things you need to know for awesome brand partnerships

Brand partnerships, what’s it all about?

if you are an avid listen of my Brand fabulous podcast you will know that brand partnerships are not my #1 preferred way for bloggers to make money.

I believe in building security and stability in your blog biz on your own terms and brand partnerships can sometimes be unreliable and unpredictable and mean you are relying on someone else to fulfil your promises to your audience.

But in saying that there is still an AMAZING amount of income you can bring in from partnering with brands.

I personally believe that it needs to be viewed as an ADDITIONAL income stream rather than putting all your eggs into the brand collab baskets!

Here’s a point about brand partnerships you might have heard:

You NEED to have an established following

This is both true and false.

Here’s why:

In order to get great, long term relationships with brands, they need to see results from your marketing activities. If they aren't getting a return on their investment then why would they carry on the relationship?

And in order for them to get that ROI your audience needs to LOVE what they are offering.

If your audience aren’t relevant to product / service the brands is asking your to promo then what's the point? It will only result in disappointment all around!

You need to have an established ENGAGED audience.

An audience that is talking to you, that is interacting with your stuff and clicking through your links buying what your selling so to speak.

You don't NEED to have a HUGE audience. Engagement is key. Relevance is key. Trust is non negotiable!

So, What is the point of brand collaborations and partnerships?

Well the point of collaborating and partnering with brands is so that you can create a mutually beneficial relationship.

You promote their stuff to your audience via your platform and they compensate you with either products / services or experiences or compensation.

In your blog business getting out there in front of a larger audience is ALWAYS the goal. The more eyes on your blog posts and content the more people that potentially need your help that are actually getting to see you and know you exist!

The aim is always to help people with something, no matter how small or insignificant to others it might seem. It is their problem and your blog business exists to serve them and help them with that.

Brand partnerships give you even more scope to get out there in front of a wider audience.

Pick the brands you partner with carefully and make sure it is a win/win situations for everyone. Allowing the brand to showcase their offering to your audience and also allowing you more exposure with the audience of the brand.

Here’s my top 5 things you need to know in order to partner with the most AWESOME brands:

  1. Why are you awesome?

    What is it about you and your blog business that is so awesome you set yourself apart from everyone else?

  2. What is it about the brand your partner with that HAS to be awesome?

    Maybe you highly value customer service, maybe your putting out amazing photograph and video content so brands that partner with you need to be on the same quality level.

    Are you looking for brands who are happy to do a trade in services to get you off of the starting line? Write down your non negotiable points and make sure you stick to them.

  3. How to figure out if your awesome brand are going to pay you?

    Are they currently using other bloggers / influencers who are working on a collab basis or are they investing in their marketing for more controllable results?

    Have a listen to this podcast How to find brands that are willing to pay for more on this.

  4. How do you know that they can follow through on any promises you make to your audience?

    Have you used this brand before? Maybe you have bought something from them yourself that you’re using and know is great, or maybe you have seen them on social media and love how they treat their customers. Make sure you do your research and check out whether anyone you are putting your name and integrity on the line for are going to hold standards as highly as you do.

  5. You have got to be consistent for consistent results

    It’s no good pitching a brand one week and then leaving months between each one.

Whether it’s a yes or a no, you are looking to build a good additional income stream from brand partners so get that ship sailing by developing a consistent process for reaching out and creating new relationships.

This is one of the most spoken about topics within my communities, there is always someone looking for advice around partnering with brands, pitching, media kits etc.

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Are you struggling with brand partnerships for your blog business? Looking to increase your revenue from Influencer marketing services? I’d love to hear what’s going on for you and how you are utilising or struggling with this specific area. Feel free to drop me a comment below or connect with me over in my private community on facebook here.