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Instagram Styling Series - What does your feed say about you?

styling your instagram feed using themes and photographs Jade Hicks Photography and Film

Choosing a consistent theme on Instagram is the key to being instantly recognisable. Your Instagram should be a reflection of WHO YOU ARE and WHAT YOU LOVE, don’t feel like you have to abide by rules as there are none! My top tip for creating a stunning theme is to LOVE what you post and keep to your style.

Here are my favourite themes and some pinterest board inspiration!

1. White Background 

Using natural light to capture your photos is key to a consistent white background theme. You need to live a white minimal lifestyle to truly pull this off, planning out your feed takes time and effort but it is so worth it for beautiful and classic white background images.

2. Mono Theme 

If you have one product or item you are passionate about then monotheme is for you! Showing the same subject in every image and exploring creative ideas to showcase your item.

3. Black Border

Black borders can work well if your photos have a splash of colour. It adds contrast and interest. Also dark and moody themes will benefit and stand out from black borders.

4. Flatlay Theme

A flatlay is a photo taken from above. They are perfect for story telling; showing how you work, where you work, what you do and the mood you are in while doing it. Set your creativity free, place your favourite items on an interesting surface and let your imagination do the rest.

5. Color Block Theme

Highly saturated images or pastel pops of colour are fun and exciting. Super popular themes on Instagram they are perfect if your images are always highly colourful.