20 Expert Blogging Motivation Tips For A Successful Year

Starting a new blog and keeping up motivation

Ask yourself if what you’re doing today is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow.

The temptation for procrastination as a blogger & entrepreneur is HUGE!

Constant need to churn out content whether it be blog content, social media content and management, captions for instagram, stock photography the list is endless! Feeling like you are so behind with marketing and social media for your blog or even getting a new business out there and needing motivation to set goals and take steps to accomplish them, all need crucial discipline to keep up motivation.

In my blogger communities I have been asked

“what the best tricks to keep yourself motivated in your blog”

“how can I motivate myself to work hard”.

So, I’ve asked,

20 blogging professionals to share their stories of overcoming lack of blog motivation,

and the greatest successes they have achieved by working on how to stay motivated every single day in their blogging businesses.

You can use the following advice to get motivated from the success and inspiration of others and to create your own daily habits.

Helping you to keep up blog motivation and stay focussed on achieving your goals for your blog.

Here’s what they said…

Debbie Gartner

#1 Debbie Gartner WEBSITE

“My Biggest Blogging Win has been Reaching 5 figures a month in net income.  SEO has been the key for me. Focus on SEO right away...or at least month 3. This whole blogging journey is a marathon, not a sprint. Focus on the basics first (and SEO is a basic). It will get you much higher quality traffic (which will convert much better) and in the long run, it is much more consistent and passive. Having that strong base will enable you to grow and work on other projects. My first year of monetising was very slow and frustrating. I was making $1,500-$2,000 a month and felt like I flatlined. It really took me until month 11 to start "getting it" when it comes to affiliate marketing and from there, I started making much more money.

Maggie Lamarre

#2 Maggie Lamarre WEBSITE

When you're feeling you don't want to write it's ok. Create a voice recording instead using your phone, then upload onto a blog post with images, until you get in the groove to write again. Another idea is to create a round up of your fav products, tools etc with affiliate links. Spend more time promoting the blog articles with content upgrades to build your mailing list.

Amy Kent


Follow your passion! No one is going to be as passionate about your passion than you! It was made for you by you! Anytime a post is shared or commented on that is a win! But if my blog posts can motivate or help another woman (or man) out, that is a WIN!

Nicole Emanuel

#4 Nicole Emanuel WEBSITE

The most impactful blogging tip I learned and have applied has been engaging in social media groups with other bloggers, new and old. By engaging and participating the growth i’ve seen recently has come from these beautiful people.

Staying consistently engaged and seen on your blogs social media platforms, the blogging groups and posting consistent quality content is key to exposure. I learned that the long way. It's important to know that especially if you are new to blogging and want to be seen. I'd love the chance to share that.

Sayanti Mahapatra

#5 Sayanti Mahapatra WEBSITE | INSTAGRAM

There will be days when you will feel too low and you would want to through it all away. But that feeling will fade away eventually. There are highs and lows for every individual. So just wait out for the lows to pass away. I picture it as a sine wave where one are high one time and you hit rock bottom the other. The important part is to go with the flow and be consistent. Don’t let your passion die ever.

Nicky Shiftworkingmum


Discover your most productive time of the day and make sure you do something every day, for me this is first thing in the morning.

Try to stay positive, you will get there in the end.

Marco Baatjes

#7 Marco Baatjes WEBSITE

Stay motivated and never give up. Focus on mastering one social platform to drive traffic.

Always strive to improve. Work on your SEO strategy from the beginning, this is a very valuable traffic source

Faith Abogonye


Blogging requires hard work and intentional effort. To reap the benefits of blogging, you need to be patient too.
Do not compare yourself with any other blogger out there. Find what you are good at and present it in your own unique way.
You know, i agree it is easy to get discouraged when you see other people’s engagement and benefits. What you can do is - celebrate your little wins, continue working on providing valuable content, engage with your online and offline audience, put yourself out there and remain consistent.
Continue learning, unlearning and relearning until you get that big break. Even when you do, don’t stop learning and implementing.

My Biggest Blogging Win has been having people (bloggers and non bloggers) read my blog and drop meaningful comments and tell me in person how inspired they are. Feedback means everything to me. I also like that some of my posts are on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Page on google search. Definitely getting better at SEO.

Chris Kosto

#9 Chris Kosto WEBSITE

Work daily, work smart, have patience & the success will come. One step at a time! The most important thing is to believe to yourself even when you don't see immediate results!

I started 3 years ago with zero budget & without writing or editing skills. However, I read & work a lot and I managed to generate a decent income & make a living from it. So if I managed to do it, everybody can!

Emilia Lewis


Constantly be learning and seeking to improve, there is so much information freely available on blogs (such as mine) and in Facebook groups. Before you know it, you'll have gone from knowing nothing about blogging to being one of the experts.

The other piece of advice that has really stuck with me is just try and make your blog better by 1% each day. Even if you don't have time to sit down and crank out a post, work on your Pinterest or jot down some post ideas or learn something new about blogging. Over time, that 1% that you improve each day will add up and you'll have something really special in your hands.

This is actually my second blog, my first was a blog about parenting, I was able to grow it over about a year and a half to be earning $10,000 per month. Recently I sold it for six figures, so I'd say that was a pretty big win :) Now though, I'm back at square one, except this time I'm totally equipped with the knowledge of how to grow a blog.

Nickesha Smith


As I begin my sixth month of blogging, my biggest tip is that it's OK to take your time to determine the direction you are heading in with your blog, what you want on your blog and how you may want to monetise it. I've heard/seen so many saying monetise from day one, and this usually translates into splashing too many ads across a new blog, chasing affiliates or having too much happening on the website. Take your time. If you're in this for the long haul, then my suggestion is to go slow and steady. It's totally OK! See what readers keep coming back to and what's bringing constant visitors and use that to strategise your monetisation efforts. And enjoy the journey!

My Biggest Blogging Win has been Finally getting clear about my strategy and direction!


#12 Emese WEBSITE

Blogging is an investment not a quick success but that doesn’t mean success will not come. I believe in hard work and commitment that will one day pay off.

All in all the blogger community is awesome. Rather helpful than competitive which wasn’t what I expected at all.


#13 Marie WEBSITE

Keep going and if something doesn’t work, stop - re-evaluate and make adjustments.
You can also listen to motivational podcasts which is huge. - Here are a few that I listen to: https://www.ladiesmakemoney.com/podcasts-for-bloggers/

Blogging works with most niches, find your voice, create a plan and work hard towards it!

Taking the time and investing in courses to help me has been our biggest win. I could take the time to learn it all but that could take years!

By investing in reputable courses and books I am now able to make a full-time income from my blog.

I also invested in a coach for the first time and this was actually my biggest win as I was able to ask questions, strategies with a pro blog and open my online business to even more opportunities! Hands down - investing and networking with other bloggers in other niches helps big time.



Don't compare your page 1 to someone's else page 10.

There's a lot of help out there. Don't be afraid or intimidated to ask. Take a break when you need to.



Join some good blogger groups on Facebook and network with other bloggers, that's where you will find your biggest motivation. You will be amazed to find how helpful is the blogger community! This can just keep you going. Other than that,  promote, promote and promote all over Social Media. Pinterest can work like magic for the initial pick-up. Finally, do NOT quit.

My biggest blogging win is a sponsored post and paid campaign by a travel company who found me via Organic search! I must be doing something right for my SEO. Another win is a lot of good feedback on my content that I receive from my audience and peers. I am still learning and growing, so each comment on any of my post is a WIN for me!

Seemab Zakir

#16 Seemab Zakir PINTEREST

Provide value to your audience. Unless and until you do this step well you can't get good return from your blog. Secondly give people what they want. By saying this I mean is that go for the most popular topics in your niche first. In this way you can get traffic quicker.

Blogging is not about you it's about your audience. Every time before hitting that publish button ask yourself this question, "What is in it for my audience? "
If there's something for the audience only then you can catch their attention.



Just keep going and try try again!

My Biggest win is networking and finding great people to work with!

Beth Tody

#18 Beth Tody

My daughter has kidney reflux and since she was two, she has gone through many invasive medical procedures. She is so brave and she is the reason why I now refuse to live a life fearful of everything. I made a pact with her that we would face our fears together, big and small.

My story is different. My struggles are different. But so are my solutions. This is just my way of showing that I'm no longer scared to share who I am. She is my reason I put myself out there. To show that being different is EXACTLY who you should be.

I enjoy sharing the ways I overcome those obstacles as well as my failures to offer a humbled and vulnerable outlook on learning to be a parent through the ever changing stages.

My Biggest Blogging win is every person I hear from that tells me my story changed something in their life.



I fell out of love with my blog for a few months because I had rebranded and it was difficult to get the views but then I realised it was a vicious circle. I stopped creating new content because I wasn't getting the views but what I needed to do was to create more content and also make that content more personal. Sometimes reviews and sponsored work can take over your blog and people forget who you actually are and we forget why we started blogging. Sometimes you just need to think of a positive way to get the views up, rather than just worry about them being so down. I also got given a journal for Xmas, each week I think of 5 titles of things that have impacted me over the past week, then I know what I'm going to write about and it comes out so much easier. I also write down ideas in there that I have.

My Biggest blogging win is when I reach the weekend and I have written in the week and there is content on my blog and also content set up for the next week.


#20 Montana WEBSITE

Just go for it. I had debated for YEARS about whether or not I would be good at blogging. Once I got started, it has been such an outlet for me that I have never had before. I will say though, that it takes a ton of hard work and dedication to succeed, this is especially true if you are looking to monetize your blog and earn an income. Be patient, and be persistent and you will get where you want to be.

Since starting my blogging journey I have had the amazing chance to connect with so many like minded people all around the world. The community atmosphere is wonderful, and look forward to each others successes. It really has changed my life for the better, and I am learning so much about myself as I progress and improve my blogging skills.

Whether you are losing motivation from looking at other blogs out there and dealign with comparison while you struggle to take your blog to the next level, or simply arent making money in your blog right now which has frazzled your enthusiasm - creating a daily habit to boost your motivation to achieve your dreams is vital.

I hope this article inspires you to take action to re ignite motivation in your blogging business and keep topping it up each and every day while you take steps to realising your goals.

As an added bonus I have created a set of 20 Motivational quotes for Social media graphics ready for you to download and use! Simply complete this quick form and get instant access to the motivational posts now… Enjoy!